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Mother cat notices that the kitten’s eyes have opened…

In the early 90’s we had a litter of 6 from our first cat. To see them all grow old was one heck of an experience. I just mimicked their mother’s sounds and behavior which actually worked wonders to such an extent that when bedtime came around I only had to make a certain sound and they all went straight to our bedroom no matter where they were located. Didn’t work on rescue cats we later had in life though, those cats just looked at me as if I was some idiot which I was of course not having them trained since the day they opened their eyes.I love how she is like come here, let me clean up your face. And the little kitten almost immediately falling asleep like opening up your eyes is exhausting. Such a cute momentMama and baby are adorable with their chirping and purrs. ❤️My cat perked up when he heard the purring chirps, looked around then made some answering chirps, and moved to cuddle me. ❤️I love the sound of the cat talking to her baby. My oldest cat keeps doing it although her “baby” is a 11-year old cat. She does it to us as well. Especially when she hasn’t seen us for a while or there is food and it smells really good :)Mama has some gorgeous eyes! The color is stunning! And the adorable sounds! 🥰 Nothing like seeing love between a mother cat and her babies ❤️What a truly beautiful Mumma cat. Her eyes are incredible. The little trills she made were so sweet and she was so gentle with her little one. This video made my day 💛🧡🐱🐱

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