Adorable Baby Boy Talking To His Dogs Is So Wholesome! (Best Guard Dogs Ever!!)

Niko helping Nathan balance walking across a rough patch is so cute. Teddy is trying to encourage sweet Phil to play, saying you can do it.Nathan looks so cute in his baby blue snow suit. Teddy is just the biggest fluffiest goof ball. Gotta love him. Niko makes the best gaurd dog ever. Phil is just the sweetest ever. Take care. Much love. ❤I’ve enjoyed this so much I can’t explain. The beautiful rolling hills. The gorgeous son. And let’s talk about that snowsuit. Blue as Bonnie Blue Butler. The view. Nathan is very sturdy and you can almost hear the wheels turning. Oh! Goat feed. Teddy is still such a pup. It’s hard not to love him he is just so beautiful. A couple of whoofs from Phil and it’s been another trip to heaven right here on earth. And, thank you Nana Niko for just being so wonderfully predictable.Mia and Nathan are growing beautifully!! I’ve been watching your channel for 3years in the US and I must say the sharing of your lives is so refreshing and authentic. You all are really like family to thousands of people including myself…Phil, Niko and Teddy are everyone’s fur siblings and we love you all❤️

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