Adorable Golden Retriever and Baby Kittens

Bailey took on his role as a father to these kittens, an “angel father” full of love, patience and care. He is adorable and a sweetheart!!! ❤❤❤I like how the kitty with the same color scheme as Bailey is like, “Such handsome fur, most definitely must be my daddy!!” And Bailey is like, “You betcha!”Bailey has always been my favourite 😘❤️ He’s such a darling. Be it bunnies, baby bunnies, puppies or kittens , Bailey has been gentlest,it’s amazing how intelligent and responsible Bailey is. Kittens are chooo cuteee as well.Look at bailey’s innocent eyes, they will make you cry to hug him, such an adorable pet, how well he takes care of the kittens, what a great sight to watch. Any sick person seeing this will get cured of all the illness, this is the power of love and bonding.Bailey has sure come a long way to accepting felines! I remember watching the hilarious video when you introduced the mama cat to him, when she was a newborn kitten! Love your videosComo não amar Bailey !!! Encantador, muito amADo. Deveria ser eterno. Parabéns aos seus donos com todo o amor que dedicam não só a ele, mas a todos os animais. Tem toda minha admiração e respeito.Oh my goodness Bailey is best baby sitter in the entire world taking care off tiny Kitty’s so breathtaking. Where’s Mama Dora ? Absolutely beautiful

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