Angry – Funny Dogs & Cats That Will Make Your Day Better 😂🐶

Cats are lucky that aggressiveness has been bred out of almost all dogs. The cats are usually the aggressive ones and the dogs, seeing them as a part of the family, tolerate them, and, in this video, many of them get along very well and seem to like one another.I believe that cats and dogs do love each other secretly, they are fight acting in front of us just because they know that what we expect and they want to make us happy😂 my oldest cat always steals my dog bed so i bought his own im happy it works bc my dog wont dare to walk past my 12 year old cat while my younger cat and dog are budiesCame for the video in the thumbnail, turns out it’s just a picture glad I didn’t watch the video. I’ll never understand why people put something in the thumbnail that isn’t in the video. Instant red flag for any channel.

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