Anguished mother dog wails for wounded baby. Sweetest reunion!

Yep, I’m a 58 year old grown man and crying. That just makes me feel so good. I recused dogs in my 30s and brings back memoriesYou and everyone that participates in this program truly are ANGELS…Thank you so much for what you do!. We do our part locally in the way of volunteering at our local shelter as well as fostering and actually adopting some. Will never go to a breeder for a dog when there’s so many looking for love while sitting in their jail cells!!! Adopt a dog, Save a life!!! Wish peace and prosperity to you all!!! 😊😇🙏👍The torment of the mother was heartbreaking. It was awesome to see the puppy returned to her.Great work done by these caring people!All of Animal Aid’s rescues are so heartfelt, and so bravely pursued. No matter how awful the circumstances, they dive right in and do their best. Their success rate must be amazing because they ALWAYS TRY. This story is particularly painful, and then poignant, because the puppy was in such pain, the mother was so upset, and who knew? But the puppy recovered, and THEN was reunited with his mother and his siblings. So sweet, it made me want to cry.You guys are such wonderful people. Its refreshing to know that through all the B.S. in the world today there is little pockets of gold like you guys that keep hope alive. I wish I was better of financially so I could donate because you guys definitely deserve it. Keep up the great work. Much love!Thank you very much@ Animal Aid Unlimited, and to all people that are caring and loving like this situation… We can help a little by donations or Subscribed, Like and Share, is a freebie that we can give to our hard working rescuer…so that they can save more lives…I can’t stop, my tears rolling down on cheeks, thank goodness everything went well…great reunion; the mother and the lovely puppies. Keep up a great job everyone! everything appreciated.❤

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