Cute Babies Playing With Dogs Compilation | Funny Baby And Pets

Babies playing with their dogs r cute especially the babies & water, like drinking out of water bowl. Had me cracking up. We didn’t have a cat but my friend did & my oldest son would want to eat cat food . Had to close the bedroom room door. This doesn’t have anything to do with a dog , but my last son as a toddler would get the water hose & before my mother could get it away from him , she’d be drenched & laughing the whole time. These were cute & hilarious. I love how some parents don’t mind their animals kissing the babies. I don’t mind either. My first born granddaughter had to b inspected my the dogs everytime we came home. Come in the door & had to bend down for inspection timeFrom my review i love this video even my little brother love it I mean when my brother is crying too much I just put the Video on my tv and then he stops crying too cute✨😂❤️ btw he’s just 1.4 years oldyes dogs know all about kids and are .very patient with them. MaNY years ago I watched a toddler pull our irish setter by the tail and dragged her several feet. Kelly just turned around and looked at her and walked away when she could.. Thanks for this video..puts a big smile omn my face!The bond between humans and dogs goes back thousands of years. Dogs are indeed man’s best friends — they are loving, loyal and protective. They are God’s greatest creation.

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