Cute Babies Playing With Dogs Compilation | Funny Baby And Pets

They fight over toys, food,… They also share food and toys with each other. Both a friend and an enemy. So cute!It is so nice to see parents letting children discover things and not being afraid of letting them get dirty. It makes for the most healthiest baby.Those dog’s with those baby’s was the most sweetest thing I’ve seen in a long while! It made me smile ,laugh and cry for joy. Thank you very much for sharing. 🐾❤🐾❤👍So adorable. Canines are for the most part protective of their families. You have to know your dog and give them time with the children.dogs and babies are mostly instinctive. That’s why they understand each other better. the baby at 5:05 knows the slightest threat coming from the dog because this warning comes from the defensive instinct of our brain.Lindos demais, também tenho um canal sobre animais, dêem uma olhada se puderemMe ajuda muuuito, obrigado 🐕🥰😍The look on the face of the big dog as the baby is trying to crawl on top of him is like “What the heck is this little tiny kid doing!?” 🤣😂

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