Desperate kitten crying for help after the earthquake happened.

Here’s to hoping every kitten has warm blankets, milk and sufficient food, foster siblings and a foster mother, all with plenty of comfort and stability for it’s healing and growth. 🙂No tengo más palabras para agradecerte todo lo que haces ..amo a los animales pero en especial a los gatitos ..cada vídeo que presentas me sacan lágrimas…eres un ser con corazón más que enorme 💕..Ben is so very lucky to have you. Every kitten or cat you rescue is lucky. We, out here, are the luckiest of all to have people like yourself who care. We are blessed.Kittens are such adorable creatures. They’re so lively curious and it’s so fun to watch them play. Thank you for saving this baby and showing us how well he is doing.What a brave little boy kitten to endure losing his home and family who knows where they are! He withstood being alone in. a terrible place all those hard stones cold and alone. But now he is safe and he knows it thanks to a nice caring man.Thank you so mucjh!!!!!!You’re going to grow into a beautiful handsome adorable 😻 sweet cutie pie😘😻 thank you for saving this tiny innocent baby and loving and caring for him!🙏❤️😻Perche lei non fa altre video, dei gattini che tu “salva ” …DOVE LI METTE TUTTI I GATTINI???? PER FAVORE FAI UN VIDEO…PERCHE É STRANO CHE TU FA SEMPRE L ‘STESSI VIDEO….LEI É VETERINÁRIO? POR FAVOR VOGLIAMO VEDERE I GATTI COME STANNO.Que Deus abençoe vocês pôr fazer à diferença na vida desses animais

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