Dog person is shocked when her first cat turns out to be affectionate

Our elderly neighbour hated cats so we were very cautious about our cat going into his garden and always apologised and told him just to chase her. A year later he has put a hole in the fence so she doesn’t have to climb it and she visits him after breakfast every day as he has her special cushion ready on the chair for her. He texts us when she is on her way home😂I’m a 100% dog person, and didn’t have a cat until 2 years ago. My pup of 14 years passed away – I needed a pet around but wasn’t ready yet for another dog. My cat is perfection – I just adore him. 💜As a sport bike motorcyclist, and a cat lover… nothing replaces a cats LOUD purr.. NO engine can replicate its warmth, happiness, or love. On a personal level.Reminds me of my kitty soul mate, who passed away pretty unexpectedly only a month ago. She was so attached and loving and was obsessed with cuddling on my chest every morning and night and falling asleep in my arms. She had the goofiest personality, too, and the cutest face imaginable. I miss her so much. ❤️I was always fairly ambivalent when it came to the concept of cats and dogs, until my housemates and I adopted Kovu. I was the only one working from home at the time, and I didn’t really fawn over him like my housemates did, and I think that’s why he bonded most closely with me. He tends to get very needy for physical affection, especially after mealtimes. He just recently allowed me to give him belly rubs, and now he practically demands them on a daily basis. Also, he will complain at you with a sort of chattering sound if you cough in his vicinity. He’s a grumpy old man in the body of a young cat, and he’s my boy.

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