Faking My Death in Front of My Dogs | Funny Dogs Reaction

While Tiger was trying to help his mistress, sly Leo realized he had to hurry up and eat the sausages from the fridge. 😅🥰😘There are times when I’m not feeling my best. It’s those low points that have me enjoying this video all the more.Thanks for brightening up my day!been a while since i laughed this hard in the office with people around, watching soundless and just the captions are everything about this gorgeous piece, omg so hilarious and the two doggies are precious af (a cat person here), that said, gal you need improve your i’m-falling-dead acting^^😂😂😂😂😂Hilarious guys and Laura 🙌🏽😍😍😍😍You 3 always does it for me. Thanks again for sharing Laura and making me smile and literally laugh out loud guys. Your my special 2 fur Ones‼️❤️Sweet dogs. I now wish I had a GSD. I love both but there is something about GSD. So smart, so confident, energetic, loyal, fearless and handsomeDogs have amazing senses and knew you were playing. If you were really gonna faint, I think they would’ve reacted or alerted you (though there ARE “just in case” dogs, like the one someone with a seizure disorder would have) beforehand❤️❤️That’s the reason for the “Mommy, don’t play like that” response✅Hehe.. you know that dogs can not only hear you breathing, but also hear your heartbeat when close enough. I’ve tried the same thing with my lab (pretending to be dead). She just stared at me, cocking her head. Dogs aren’t stupid (in general).Both of your dogs are so cute. As far as your hair, they probably figured if you were really dead, then you wouldn’t need it. So they could eat it or whatever they wanted to do with it. Thanx for posting this.

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