Family brings home a blind cat. And he keeps surprise attacking everyone.

I adopted a blind dog last year and the joke is “I think she’s faking this whole blind thing” 😂 cuz she gets around so well even in new places and does things to make think “how in the world?!”. I will never think that a blind cat is ‘less than’ any other cat or animal. This cat shows us how it’s done. Just beautiful how she moves about the house and plays!My fur baby is also blind and his actions and reactions to everything around him makes me laugh and smile all day long, he brings me such joy. Thank you for caring to share your love.It’s incredible how he navigates his way around without any problem,and with his increased senses he’s like a cat version of Dare Devil.He’s absolutely phenomenalYou are both amazing 😊💞It is heartwarming to see how you care for Rudy and the other cats. How sweet thank you!!He’s a miracle how he lives and loves. He teaches us to just get on with it and not feel sorry for him. He doesn’t feel sorry for himself. Thank you for posting this.It’s so sad to hear what happened to his siblings. But it’s amazing to see how happy he is. He’s definitely a treasure. Super smart cat ❤This is amazing. It made me cry to see how adaptable Rudy has become. It really shows how intelligent animals are. <3 Thank you for adopting him. And loving him as you do. Kochane Serduszka. Dobrze że mogą cieszyć się życiem z kochającymi Je opiekunami. Przytulam Was mocno piękne Koteczki. Zdrówka.❤❤🥰🐈🥰❤❤I live with my daughter who has 4 cats. Two have no physical disabilities, one was born with dwarfism, essentially born blind, the fourth was rescued from the streets by a local law enforcement officer. He had a sever upper respiratory infection and both eyes infected. One eye had be be surgically removed, the other is badly scared but allows him to see a little bit. When I saw him at the shelter, I told the officer that my daughter was going to want him. The next day she adopted him. We thought we were helping him, we didn’t know we needed him. He has blessed us so very much!!

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