Funny Cats Compilation (Most Popular) Part 1

Seeing that cat knock the plant pot on that guy’s head after he was awful to the cat like that was so satisfying. Instant karma.The fourth one is COMEDY GOLD! That stare, the way it slowly reaches to the glass before pushing it, the rythm of the scene, it’s hilarious!the kitty that has the zoomies with the flip flop is an all-time favorite of mine. LOVE IT! there are others as well here that made me lol. thanks for the laugh today.Everyone is talking about the guy with the guitar. Yes, he deserves it. But can we take a second to acknowledge how gentle the other person woke up the cat sleeping on his car?I just love the part where the Himalayan cat on the table push the glass off the table like a rebel just because he wants to.And when the owner says:”no,no,no” he stares her right in the face and goes:”i dont care,i will push that glass off the table human.” Thug life cat.Pretty decent first impression. No crappy intro or outro, and no background music, meaning less effort for the editor and better quality entertainment for the rest of us. :DAt 6:24 that poor cat thought it had that one special family, so by a wing and a prayer it wanted to jump into their loving arms but the windows were rolled up and everyone laughed. Some say you can still hear the broken heart of the cat after watchin

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