Funny dog ​​knows that he is terminally ill, and is shocked😂Labrador discriminates against other dog

I guess they’re used to it but it sounds like he is screaming at them all the time. My dog would think I was mad at him if I talked to him in that tone of voice. The dogs are great and funny.Dogs are beautiful animals wen treated with love and affection they are our best friends and they love us and have saved many peoples lives they are also funny somtimes as in this video ❤️🐕🐶💙💚💛🧡❤️Si ..como no ..algo le dio para que el.perro se deje caer haci de sueño ya dejen de utilizar a las pobres mascotas para su beneficio..ya basta de eso..trabajen..That doggie looks sooooooo cute sitting upwards and getting his pressure taken. So AdorableI watch this video so many times…i just live toms reaction when her dad says he is sick….love this video…You’re verbally abusing your dogs. You can see how fed up the little guys are getting nagged like that.Please treat your dogs well with love, kindness, good food. They the world best friends for humans.

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