Funny Dogs And Cats Videos 2023 😅 – Best Funniest Animal Videos Of The Month 🥰👌 #1

What I love about animals is that they aren’t out to make us laugh, they do it naturally lol. They have no clue as to how funny they can beI laughed my guts out on some of these. Hilarious, thank you 🙏 A merry heart doeth good like a medicine.Not a fan of the belligerent people. The dog that scratched the guys back and the guy flew up and grabbed his limbs actually scared me. Most were cute and funny.Best compilation I’ve seen in a while…some new stuff as well. Thanks, I needed a laugh today. And, there ARE actually “beasts under the bed.” And, the one cat that jumped and stuck it’s head in the ceiling fixture has a vertical that’s insane! NBA level stuff…somebody should sign the squawk-box to a contract.All I can say is some people should not have animals/pets. Indeed, if they regarded them as pets they would of inflict the cruelty they have been inflicting on these defenceless animals.Ok they r the funniest I have ever seen except for the ones that look like the animal could have been injured…but i couldn’t stop laughing the whole time.❤❤❤❤❤Probably the dearest one as to see the sweet, loving donkey running toward the person he knew he loved and trusted. .I don’t think seeing animals getting hurt or scaring them stiff, is funny at all! Some were funny, and made me laugh . Thank you!! all animals were precious and so very lovable, no matter what their antics.

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