Funny Reaction of a Golden Retriever to a Husky Soft Toy

Funny Reaction of a Golden Retriever to a Husky Soft Toy! We hope you enjoyed this video. Be sure to hit that subscribe button for new videos.Bailey’s fooling no one; not even that soft toy. He’s so gentle that even his barks are only really half-barks. And this fact only makes him even more adorable. As if that were possible.Bailey is just the funniest. He’s bin giving me plenty of laughs at a time in my life wen I’ve been very depressed and suicidal… thanks m8😂😂. Bailey is so smart! He’s like, who is this new dog and what is he doing on my couch? I think he was digging around because he was trying to find the smell of the dog. And even after he got close to it and licked it, I still think he’s wasn’t sure about it. Precious!What happened to his front right leg? It was hilarious how Bailey was scratching at the couch after jumping on the couch and then looked at the stuffed animal and barked at it.Bailey saw that thing and he wasn’t sure it should be there. He wanted to tell you about it and make sure you were aware of it, so he kept barking and looking back at you to tell you about this “dog.”I would loved to have seen out that worked out, Im sure after time Bailey would just have snuggled down with it as he has done with other creatures that he shares his life with. 😁

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