Gentle German Shepherd Plays with Baby Kittens

Rocky is a very handsome GSD!!Rocky is so curious, gentle, careful, and playful! I enjoyed when Rocky nibbled at the kittens’ paws…like human parents do to their own baby’s feet and hands! Rocky never got rough! Rocky is such a good boy! Rocky will be a good protector and “Uncle”!!Que bonitoooo es Rocky, y tan bueno, como juegan y los gatitos como le miran, son preciososss y Rocky adorable, me encanta 🐶This video should be titled, “The Four Little Kittens, Starring Rocky as the Big Bad Wolf”,Rocky is the best! 🎉🥋👌He is very sensible and intelligent. I love your head!🤣 Such a beautiful dog.👍👌 Beautiful German shepherd!!10 points Congratulations!

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