German Shepherd and Golden Retriever are Best Friends for Kitten

The reason why people’s hearts are healed when they come in contact with pets is not only because of their cute appearance. The daily care and affection that we give to our pets itself helps to heal our hearts. In addition, nonverbal communication with animals, whose emotions are not hidden, helps us develop a sense of compassion for others. When you do something for your pet that makes him or her happy, it makes you happy, too. Living with a pet can be difficult at times, but it can also be a great source of comfort and healing. Please try to have a pet and let it heal you.When I was growing up we had an older yellow lab, a younger German shepherd, and a cat. They were cool as one might expect. The one thing the dogs shared in abundance was a relentless love of raiding the cat’s food bowl.The kitten feels well with the dogs around him. I admire you managed it to an German shepherd to get along with other animals. Especially weaker animals like a dog. That shows clearly, you educated Rocky to respect other animals. You can be proud of this. Lots of love from Germany 🇩🇪I remember a few years back I was out in the country driving around and went by a farmhouse and up by the house under a big shade tree was a big German Shepherd and an Orange Tabby crashed out with kitty’s head resting on the doggie’s paw. One of the most beautiful things I ever saw.

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