German Shepherd Confused by Meeting with German Shepherd Puppy

This is so adorable! They will become besties! I love it when the puppy looked at him and he showed his teeth, like “ I’m the boss, don’t get too chummy yet” and the puppy said” ok, I’ll just chew the blanket and toy more!” Simply adorable!This melts my heart. I have a German shepherd who’s 11 month old and still bring memories when I brought her home at 8 weeks old.. this is absolutely adorable ☺️How cute love how Jessica ears flop over the side and Rocky’s. Like Looking at himself when he was just a pup 🐶. They’re going too be great mates. Adorable.🐶💖🐶💙🐶This had me very worried at first. The display of teeth and “yawning” isn’t usually a good combo. Fortunately, the puppy’s sweetness assured the big guy that everything was going to be OK. Thanks for posting 🐾Son hermosos, maravillosos, aquí en Brasil tenemos muchos de esta raza pero nunca antes había visto un perro tan hermoso, felicidades, abrazos desde Río de Janeiro, Brasil!I just love seeing these two together, Rocky is such a wonderful boy! 🐕‍🦺💞🐕‍🦺 He is exhibiting kindness and gentleness towards Jessica!! 🥲💞👍 Rocky showed Jessica his pearly whites, in order to establish dominance within the pack, normal shepherd behavior…😁👍🐕‍🦺💞🐕‍🦺. These two are really very dear together, just love Jessie’s floppy ears… 🐕‍🦺😋💞. Happy St. Patrick’s Day!When Rocky stopped baring his teeth and started just panting, taling it easy, etc., because the puppy was trying to chew the bedspread, I immediately visualized the English translation of that in my head:Rocky: “The hoomans really don’t like it when we dogs chew up their stuff – that’s why they give us squeaky toys to chew on!!!!!”Puppy (still trying to chew the bedspread): “Yeah, okay – whatever”Rocky (almost literally smiling): “Hey, if you want to get in trouble, you go right ahead – but don’t hold your puppy breath waiting for ME to bail you out!!!!!”

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