German shepherd Giving birth to 9 puppies – (First Litter)

Omg, they are all so precious! ❤️ Eva is such a good mama and I just know that those pups will grow up healthy and strong. 💪🏼 So precious , can’t imagine the pain , but Eva pushed through that like a champ! 💖I wish Eva and her puppies the best.❤️Amazing to see that she watches the people help clean the puppies but yet had a watchful. It’s amazing how mother nature kicks in and she instinctively knows what to do. They look gorgeous at 20 days Thanks for sharing.I have lived through this amazing moment, my female had 2 litters and now is possibly pregnant with her final one and it is just amazing to see the puppies being born and growing upThis is one of those videos you watch from start to finish with a huge smile on your face. However, you don’t realize you’ve been smiling the whole time till the video ends and your face feels stiff and is cramping up. At that point you frantically look around to see if anyone’s been watching you the whole time! Been there, done that, congrats to the doggy parents!I experienced the joy of being there with my German Sheppard, Sheba, I was the only one she would let help her. It took 14 hours. The best single moment of my life. This video brought back so many wonderful memories. Thank you so much for this.I remember a friend of mine called me in the middle of the night. Her small dog was in labor. They are just across the street. I rushed over and my friend was freaking out. She didn’t know what to do. I told her let nature take its course. I stayed up all night and we watched as she delivered 5 beautiful puppies. She had a struggle with the third one. I assisted but it’s all up to the mom. She was great. After all was done we gave her water and food. She cleaned and watched over her young pups. I went over everyday after work for two weeks just to check in. Mother and pups were doing great. The best part was when they were a little older I got to lay down on the floor and just be mailed by this adorable bundles of joy. Best feeling.

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