German Shepherd is Confused by the Meowing of a Tiny Kitten

Nothing gets more possibly tranquil than to see Rocky lounging with his recent new baby kitten friend, and to see how closer and closer they’ve become.Well, Rocky, I’ll translate it for you: “Meow” (uttered that way) means “Mum, I’m hungry”. Now you’re not “Mum” nor can you feed that little guy, but I assure you that you’re the kindest and sweetest Big Bro in the whole world!Rocky is looking for Dora as the kitten is meowing for his mommy. 😃 That’s great service there! Rocky is a true blue protector. I love you Rocky ❤The little one is looking for mommy 😿 Rocky is at a loss 🥺: “What’s wrong? Why are you crying? Don’t be afraid, I’ll protect you.” His worried expression is so incredibly cute. Good boy 🥰🐾❤Gorgeous – I hope the kitten’s mother is near by as it looks too young to be without her – 12-14 weeks being optimum and no less than 8 weeks before separation If hugs and kisses and unconditional abundant love could satisfy the kitty at this moment in time it wouldn’t have to look any further than Uncle Rocky ❣️

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