German Shepherd Meets German Shepherd Puppy for the First Time!

So cute! Also, there is Nothing like a proper GSD sniff test 😂😂😂 Rocky is so friendly with the puppy, I think they will be great friends.Super cute puppy to see. The German Shepherd is so excited to meet the puppy. They both are super friendly with each other. The puppy is so happy to be pampered by German Shepherd. Have a wonderful weekend and be in good health everyone….How cute, the pup is definitely a cheeky chappy. Love how Rocky is just so gentle and cautious. They make good play mates ❤I’ve been waiting for this. I knew our baby Rocky will be excited and happy to meet a new GS puppy. Little Jessica looks like him when he was that age – floppy ears and all.This introduction between big brother Rocky and his little sister Jessica, is sooo special!!! 👍🐕‍🦺💗🐕‍🦺 I am actually crying tears of joy right now… 🥲💗🐾. It’s kinda’ crazy how much I have come to love and appreciate you two precious people, and your entire animal family, fur & feather!!! 🥰🥲🤗🐾😁🤣😂💗. It is so beautiful to witness the special love and care that you all have for one another; What a truly wonderful family you are!!! 🥰🐾💗 Thanks for sharing! God-Bless… 🥰😁🤗🐾💗🕊️🙏 -AnnGod bless you for taking such tender care of this little furry angel. Welcoming him into your home allows him to live his best life. Thank you for your compassion and humanity. Love & Light. Thanks for share videoThose two are soooo cute! (Gotta comment on dude for his smile, too! It’s like Jessie is copying his positive energy! Lol!) This video brought joy to my heart and a laugh to my spirit! Thank you for uploading the adventures of Rocky the German Shepherd! Jessie the puppy looks like a cartoon dog with her cuteness, floppy ear and hanging tongue! 😁 You have a beautiful family and I hope to see more! Peace and Long Life! 🖖😎Rocky is SOOOO beautiful. His colors, coat are magnificent. He stacks nicely too. Very forward like show-class GSD’s. Can’t wait to see how he and puppy do. GSD puppies are fuzzy perfection and that little tongue.. ❤️😂

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