German Shepherd Meets New Kitten for the First Time!

This is a bit embarrassing to write, but the world truly needs this video right now… with everything in it: from the innocent kitten, to the big ol’ doggo, to the goofy clumsy music. Thank you. Made my day.Rocky is a gentle soul with a loving heart ❤️ and the kitten is such a darling 💖Imagina a amizade que vai ser quando o gatinho estiver maior !! É muita lindeza pro meu coração!!! ❤️♥️❤️Ver a Rocky siendo tan adorable con el pequeño gatito me derrite mucho el corazón por qué ver tanta ternura junta siempre es enternecedor Love you so much Rocky, so beautiful and adorable German shepherd, dog’s are the best friends we can have The dog is being treated for heartworms which isn’t that much you just has to stay quiet for few weeks after the treatment.. I noticed to be true because I’m an extra Animal Control officer. The dogs owner had died the German Shepherd was running around the streets with the stuffed animal in its mouth I know they’re very special

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