German Shepherd Meets Newborn Kittens for the First Time!

Oh my gosh. This brings back wonderful memories! Our German Shepherd in the 1950s-60s, Rex, was SOOOOO curious, sweet and gentle with baby animals! My older sister weorked at a veterinary clinic and would occasionally bring home, for care and reintroduction into the wild, baby birds, squirrels, possums and bunnies. Rex was the BEST dad to them! Thanks for triggering such wonderful memories.My dog, Chloe, a hunting dog, raised my 4 cats. She was so excited whenever she saw kittens, puppies, baby anything and everything, we were blessed. She sniffed them, cleaned them, watched over them and protected them. The last kitten, Bella, she even taught how to growl like a dog, 2 weeks before she went to heaven. This handsome Shepherd doesn’t know what to make of them, but I’m sure he’d protect them.I used to have a Collie mix, who was really a gentle giant. He loved taking care of my grandma’s kittens, when their mom went out. He licked them clean, kept them warm and gently pushed them back into their crate, with his nose, if they were about to step outside. He really was the greatest dog I’ve ever had. He was 14 years old, when he died. I really miss him.I remember when our cat (older than the dog so ahead of her in the pack) had kittens, and our German Shepherd was so excited and curious and then she put her foot down right on top of one and it was so little and she was so big that it disappeared completely under her paw. Just as I was about to scream and possibly pass out, she delicately lifted her paw from the gentle pet she had given it and it continued just running around her and we all just exploded with love with all these adorable funny, furry companions we are blessed to share our lives with!

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