German Shepherd Protects Babies and Kids Compilation

Qué cosa más hermosaaa !! Rocky es maravilloso y Jessie es tan hermosaaaa !! Por favor sigan sus aventuras, se disfruta mucho y educan mucho !I can’t wait to see more footage of the new family addition. Big bro shepherd should be interesting to watch over coming months, as he supervises his new little brother.Rocky is SOOOO beautiful. His colors, coat are magnificent. He stacks nicely too. Very forward like show-class GSD’s. Can’t wait to see how he and puppy do. GSD puppies are fuzzy perfection and that little tongue.. ❤️😂Just because these lovely doggie pawrents love their animals so much….my guess is that in due time, Rocky & Jessie will have a bunch of little mini me’s trottin’ around! What do the rest of you think? :-)What an awesome greeting from Rocky to his new baby sister Jessie. Cesar Milan ( The Dog Whisperer) would say that Rocky knows Jesse is a GSD, same as him. It will be really fun to watch them grow up together!So cute! I have a white german shepard and she had puppys. We kept one of them and named her Paris. She always wants 5o be with her mum where as her mum doesnt really want to be with her all the time-. They went to the park together today and had alot of fun! 🐕🐶So many moments are passing by…some of them will be remembered, others will be reminded, moments that made us smile and cry, that changed us – for better, that made Our Tomorrows and save our Todays! 🥰❤ And This Here – is just The Beginning. Very excited of this very exciting moment for Jessica and Rocky.❣️

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