German Shepherd Puppy and Kitten Playing [TRY NOT TO LAUGH]

Lovin’ the retriever checking on them, saying “ok, break it up you guys!” Lovin’ the kitten showing its belly and those ears on the puppy. Their cuteness knows no bounds!My favorite parts were the golden retriever being the overly-concerned parent hovering over the kids to make sure the roughhousing doesn’t go too far 😆So freaking cute and the golden comes over to supervise to make sure they don’t get out of hand. I love animals. They are pure innocence, joy , and 😘💕 loveI wasn’t so much laughing as I was truly enjoying the love shared by those two. They’re completely aware that neither of them means any harm to the other, and both being so young is perfect. They’ll grow up and still stand by each other’s side. It’s beautiful. Thanks for sharing this! I must add though, when the kitten fell off the couch I definitely chuckled! Pure innocence! ❤❤❤I had a cat for 17 years who looked just like your kitten. Her name ended up being Stinky McPussPuss cuz she had such a stinky attitude 😂 She was definitely a better single cat than part of a herd, and the last year of her life she got to be the only kitty and she was more relaxed at having my full attention and turned quite adorable. I hated losing her. But dang, she’d kiss my face off!! 🤣Rocky is “feeling his oats” and that’s a good thing. He’s confident, inquisitive, playful, social and unafraid. Looking forward to watching his journey from the wonderful world of German Shepherd “puppyhood” to the extraordinary world of German Shepherd adulthood.

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