German Shepherd Puppy Wakes Up Owner [Cutest Alarm Clock Ever]

My puppy used to jump on the bed, throw her arms around me and shower me with kisses every morning. 14 years later I wake her up the same way lol.Cuteness overload👍🥰 Seems Jessie can’t get enough of daddy😂She really does her best to wake him up. At the end she is tired too and enjoys to cuddle with daddy ☺🐾❤Jessie is such an amazing “alarm clock”… 😉😋 Not only are you awakened, but your showered and given lots of cuddles before your feet even hit the floor!! 😁♥️. What a sweetheart she is, and she sure does love her Daddy… 🐕‍🦺🥰. This is such a sweet video, thanks for sharing!! Blessings to everyone… 🕊️💞🤗 – AnnI want to pet Jessie, her fur looks so fluffy. She’s only a puppy, but you can tell she will be very protective of her owners when she’s fully grown.When dadda started snoring, the sudden look at her face 😁❤️. She was like ” Oh doggos! who is making this terrible noise, doesn’t seems to be my dadda!! “🐶Omg how cute is Jessica those puppy ears how they flip over just want too give her cuddles 🤗 How’s Teddy going haven’t seen him lately hope Teddy’s okay 👌? Over load off cuteness Jessica.

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