German Shepherd Reacts to Baby Ducklings Bathing in the Pool

I have always loved the gentle curiosity of a well-behaved German Shepherd!! ❤️❤️I never tire of watching the expressions on my German Shepherd’s face. Rocky looks like he is herding and at the same time he seems to have an intellectual curiosity about them.What a wonderful life you’ve given Rocky! So much exposure to life and experiences. Rocky is expanding his love. Thank you for being great caregivers of your pets, and sharing it with the world! :-)Looks to me like his sniffing and biting-at the ducklings are signs Rocky REALLY wanted to eat them things, but just knew better. What a disciplined pup!Rocky is such a smart giant puppy! He’s learning quickly, under your loving guidance ::-) These are your little Duckie friends Rocky…(no “bobbing” for them, as if they were apples)Rocky is a beautiful German Shepherd….really big now. Great.But the duckys think they have her last minute of her life ….🐥🕊A really funny video, thanks for that.Rocky will pick up the litte ducks😁but he didn’t. Really well. A good boy our Rocky😍A big hey from Germany/ Stuttgart 711❤🕊Aaawwww They are scared of him at first and he is being sooo sweet and gentle. At least they swim towards him by the end. Good boy Rocky. ❤How cute Mom and Dad teaching Rocky with the tiny adorable chicks 🐥 are so heartfelt melting my heart away . Rocky understands now he just want too so badly jump in the pool and play . Lovely too see you’re back yard .Over load off cuteness xoxoRocky is such a handsome boy 🐶Regal & strong but sweet as can be He looks like a monster to those baby ducks but he just wants to play Poor Rocky was like why do you guys keep wadding to the other side! Knock it off ducklings🐥I’ve always had old English sheepdogs but after my last passed away I rescued a german shedder she is amazing at 9 years old but absolutely hates all other animals. Except for my cat . Crazy love the video thank youRocky’s a good boy. I’ve had dogs that loved ducks and protected them. Unfortunately, now I have a rescue dog that will eat them. Very odd, she loves puppies and people.

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