German Shepherd Shocked by Tiny Kittens occupying dog bed!

The only word that comes to mind to describe Rocky’s patience and tolerance is “saint-like.” 😁Those cats love Rocky! They look up to him literally and figuratively. Rocky a little confused but understands…Rocky es muy pero muy hermoso, un perrazo, un diamante en bruto, todavía tiene 2 años.To the person reading this, even though I don’t know you. I wish you the best of what life has to offer 🙏 🤗 ❤️Rocky is just a loving good boy👍🥰 He would never try to throw the babies out of bed like funny Bailey 😄 He makes sure everything is okay and takes very good care of his sweet little “flock” 😻❤🐾Più che preoccupato del letto , mi sembra che sia molto attento a controllare i gattini!!😍😍🍸 Amazing dog!!Rocky i love you!!💖How super careful the Shepherd was around those little precious CUDDLE BUGS !! We might take away a lesson on how animals recognize other types of animals and still accept them. Humans on the other hand find acceptance of other humans are difficult task.Rocky: Got to sniff all these kittens at least twice Looks at the one on its own Get your little radar tail over here so I can sniff you too and snag a few licks to maybe.

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