Giant Cat Meets Baby For The First Time! Watch Their Bond Grow! (Cutest Ever!!)

Mia : “he is my baby brother”, Niko: “he is my pup”, Phil and Teddy:” he is our buddy and baby bro” , Milo: “he is my personal cat sized space heater that comes with very comfy accessories”. Gotta love adorable cats.Oh I LOVE that cat! He scopes out the baby bed then looks around to see if he’ll get caught. He’s so nonchalant beside baby Nathan and cuddles but deep down he likes anything that’s baby bed related. My heart melted when Amelia came beside Nathan and was so gentle rubbing his little head. You have a whole lot of love in your house.Milo sticking by baby Nathan, heartwarming ❤ 💕 I never had a Kitty. Keith did in his single life and said “cats do things on their terms, not your terms”!! I giggled!!! Milo is one very handsome Kitty!!! Joan ❤❤❤My Maine was amazing with my daughter…seriously! It was ❤️ at first scent!!! Just like Milo. Amelia is so chill with it all. So second nature…amazing! What a beautiful and loving family. Appreciate 🙏 you sharing it with us.Milo loves little brother Nathan like it was one of his kitten children. Good boy Milo. Emma Leigh, Shane, and families. All the best to you all for 2023. 😄 👍 👍I never realized just how big Milo is. He’s huge! I loved it when Milo gave little Nate kisses on the top of his head. So cute! Are you guys still planning to get another cat?

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