Golden Retriever and Kitten Play for the First Time!

Your videos are a huge blessing to my family and me. My father has been under Hospice care for the past 6 weeks and we believe he is now nearing the end of his earthly journey. Over the past month, he has laughed and smiled at precious Bailey, your bunnies, your bird, the chick and now this adorable kitten. From the bottom of my heart, I thank you for being a bright spot during a very difficult time. May God bless you and your family. 🙏❤Sometimes you can tell a lot about a person/family by the way their animals interact. Your puppers is goofy and such a hoot!! 😂The fact the kitten rolled on his back, and exposed his belly, shows he feels safe. Plus, the way he responds to Bailey’s goofiness is amazing! They both have such a sweet disposition.❤Bailey is such a good dog,Simon is a very trusting kitten, watching him roll over on his back- a sign of security and well being- while bailey was that close, he already knew that bailey wasn’t going to harm him at all, he actually falls asleep . , so funny to watch bailey, he wants to play with Simon so badly but he doesn’t want to get in trouble., so cuteHe is trying very hard to entice the kitten to play with him and he seems to be getting a response it is amazing what a good natured dog he is. Gets along with everybody. Bailey is just adorable.Bailey is a great roll model for a single parent to bring up any fury friends/baby’s come his way, he always shows the same care, playful love, gentleness, interest every time, & he’s so happy to play his part, what more can a wonderful Golden boy could you possibly wish for…..? You simply can’t.🐕🤗🥰🇬🇧

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