Golden Retriever and Tiny Kittens Friendship

Bailey’s patience, care and affection knows no bounds, he wears a “daddy” outfit for all the little animals they bring near him. Bailey really is an angel, a sweet creature! 💙💙💙Bailey is such a sweetheart, all the baby animals have loved him and he is so sweet with them. I see his age a bit now though.♥️🇨🇦Bailey is a kindly, welcoming soul, to one and all. You can see it in his eyes. The kittens instinctively know it, are fully at ease/relaxed around him. What a buddy he is.Two little cuties😻 and one big sweetheart🥰 Sorry, I can only repeat it😉😂: Babysitter Bailey is simply the best. A patient, tolerant, calm, kind and incredibly lovely dog👍🐾❤Oooo… Jak te kocięta🐱🐱urosły 👍😯😁. Śliczne maluchy🐱🐱😍🥰😘. A Bailey 🐶 jak zwykle rewelacyjny w roli opiekuna👍🤗❤. Śliczny😍🥰 i kochany 😘 z niego psiak 🐶🤗❤😘. Pozdrawiam serdecznie🤗🇵🇱❤👋Lindos filhotes Bailey também sim 👍 eu.tambem tenho filhotes de gatinho s sim tenho 9 filhotes nasceram dia 27 do 1 e dia o3 do 02 .são lindos vou criar todos Deus quiserThe kittens like Bailey, but he doesn’t really pay that much attention to him unless they steal his bed or tickle his paws.

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