Golden Retriever Meets Mom Cat with Newborn Kittens for the First Time

The fact the mom cat is so trusting of him shows the level of their friendship and is so heartwarming. He was so gentle with the babies and was just excited to meet them, omg such an adorable momentBailey wants to be part of the kitties lives too!He introduced himself…sniffed out the kitties and promptly jumped up onto the bed to protect them!Poor mama cat is so protective and worries about her little ones. It’s beautiful. Love how she pushes Bailey back on his nose 😂 🥰This dog, cat, kittens, the owners and this video are putting much needed LIGHT AND LOVE out into the world! Bless you – we need compassion and love for all creatures great and small. XoTotally adorable! You can see mum totally trust’s Bailey with her baby’s, She’s just showing her love back teasing him as she normally would just more gently he’s one proud family member, he’s probably first in line for babysitting dutiesA wonderful mum, a lovely brood and a great uncle. Somehow I think there may be a message in there for the humans around. If there is, I hope we can learn it. Priceless!I love how she pats his nose like “Baily, calm down. No touchey, chill.” Then when he jump on she bed she’s all “all right, better give him a better angle here.” Mama kitty is so comfortable with him around her newborns, its amazing.I love how cat doesn’t even try to protect her kittens (except for that nose pushes though). She knows the dog won’t try to hurt her babies. I’ve seen how fierce a mother cat can be, even towards her own owner. Yet she doesn’t even react to this adorable dog♡Obviously Bailey and the mother cat are well acquainted and friends. I’d also guess this isn’t really the first time he’s seen the kittens. Knowing cats, and having had both cats and dogs together, I’m pretty certain the mom is going to rope Bailey in as a babysitter in the future.

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