Golden Retriever Puppy as Another “Baby Kitten” of a Mom Cat

Mom gets to relaxKittens got new warm place to snuggle atAnd puppy gets new friendsEverybody wins🐶🐱🐈🐈🐈🐈💖Mommy cat, confident and relaxed, leaves her kittens there with the puppy and everyone is happy! 🐕🐱💓I love Bailey. He’s sweet. I wonder why he’s always panting as though he’s hot or uncomfortable. When our labradoodle starting panting when he was just resting, not having had a lot of exercise, eventually we realized he was developing a rather serious illness.jolie scène familiale avec beaucoup de tendresse et d amour 💘 entre Bailey la maman 🐱 et les chatons super!They are all so cute and super sweet. I’ve been meaning to ask …. how kld is Momma cat? She reminds me so much of one I had years ago. I hope you have many more years with all of your fursters. They make this world so much more tolerable.All of them are so loving caring adorable can bring a smile on an individual’s face so happy to watch God bless them all 😍😍😇💕💕

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