Golden Retriever Puppy Confused by Baby Kittens

I see from the comments that I’m not the only one that was a little worried for the kittens. They’re super young in this video and the puppy doesn’t yet know how to be extra gentle with them.Mia is so beautiful but she’s very boisterous as are most puppies. I found myself getting quite nervous watching this ,these little kittens are so delicateMia is lovely 🥰 but still too young to be careful and gentle with the kittens. She wants to play and is confused that the babies are not interested in her🤔❤🐾I understand why the comments are concerned, but honestly this video is a testament to the innate gentleness of the breed. This puppy was very much still holding herself back even while test-nipping at the kittens, and then mellowed out accordingly. You could tell she can already senses she’s supposed to treat the kittens differently, there was visual restraint. I don’t recommend it, but this puppy did a great job ❤️ya, the kittens are tiny, i wouldn’t turn this puppy loose on them, the pup is wound up & too big. not gonna argue about it, im saying i wouldn’t do that, id hold onto the puppy, let it know who’s in charge here, it’s called training, the younger u train a puppy the more freedom they can have.⚖️

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