Golden Retriever Shocked by a Kitten occupying his bed!

🤣 The fact that he’s having a complete tantrum about sharing his bed is hilarious and baby kitten looking like come on in there’s plenty of room 🤣 too too cute 😍 ❤Too funny, he asks politely and then starts the tantrum but still refrained from tossing the little guy out .😍😂The cats little silent hisses 🥺 so precious, the both of them. At times, I honestly couldn’t tell if the dog was actually upset or just happy to be playing this new game of “gotcha bed”This is heart-warming and funny. The dog caught in two minds: anxious and fretful about a stranger in his bed, but mindful and careful not to scare the kitten. The little kitten blissful in its innocence and delightfully playful. They will become great friends.This is one of the best post ever! His tantrum was hilarious and adorable. I love the kittens confidence btw. They are going the be best buddies i am sure of it !I loved that who got the bed seemed so important but they both ended up off and out of it, and cuddling together! That’s the way to end all fights!I love this! Poor dog is trying so to maintain. Kitten isn’t phased. Kitten ends up making dog the bed. Dog gives in. Sweet dog!This is why retrievers are the best. :30 is about the angriest you’ll see one get and the funny thing is they probably would say “sorry I overreacted like that before” 😂.Love this. The kitten just looks at the dog like it’s saying, “Why are you freaking out? You can fit on the edge.” Just doesn’t care at all. Also love how the Dog right tires itself out and the kitten is like “A warmer fluffier bed. Score.”

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