Hi. My Name is Marlin. I’m a cat, raised by dogs and I think I’m a dog.

We had a cat like Merlin too. Her name was Mochi. She loved playing with water – whereas our other cats would usually run away when they get splashed with water, she wouldn’t be fazed by it at all. She would always follow us around the house, loved rubbing her head on anything and anyone, and would jump up everyone’s lap, even those she just met for the first time. She wasn’t scared of anything at all – she was a very sweet, trusting and social cat in general.Marlin doesn’t think he’s a dog. He’s figured out how to relate to dogs and fit in behaviorally. He learned to live like a dog, while still retaining his cat traits. That’s what makes cats so dang cool. Imagine if the tables were turned; would a dog be able to live as a cat? BTW: Marlin is a VERY cool little guy. The cat named for a fish living with dogs.I hope you , your puppies and kitty thrive and have long and happy lives with one another. Watch after everyone’s health and safety in caring for your own. They need you! Don’t underestimate the risk of the tides and waves. I know how they can overwhelm critters before we can react .My favorite is when Marlin sees his reflection at the bottom of the water dish. He is probably thinking, “why do I look different than my brothers and sisters?”That was so nice to see a cat at the beach getting into the water, playing with her other dog brothers, and then digging in the sand. I grew up in S. FL on the beach all my childhood and then some. I never saw a cat at the beach, very cool! 😻

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