How a Golden Retriever and a Kitten Became Best Friends Compilation

OK, I’m a 64 year old dude in Dallas, some might even refer to me as a bit grizzled, but that is the most adorable dog and cat video I have ever seen. Yep, even old dudes can accept how wonderful our pets are; they for sure can melt our hearts🤠They are heaven sent as are my children and grand children. I’m a very fortunate man😇Saw this video so many times I can’t stop thinking at how easy these two wonderful animals get to know each other and learn to welcome and share and live with each other. If only us humans could do the same not stopping at looking and judging at each other and welcome one another the same simple way these creatures do. We can LEARN A LOT from them :)So amazing to see these two play together Bailey is a beautiful dog with a lovely nature Well done to the couple who film their pets antics so that the world can see Wish humans could be more accepting of each other like these beautiful animals 🤗Those two are too freaking cute. I can’t take it! Man, I love cats & dogs so much. We might save them, but they save us every day. Our furry companions give our lives meaning. They are one of this life’s most incredible things. There aren’t many things better than a waging tail, wet nose & fuzzy face at the end of a rough day or waking up in the morning. Kudos to all the forever homes, pets parents & animal advocates out wife and I have been married for 40 years, in that time span we have raised 2 kids and 8 labs.our kids are grown and on their own, my wife and I are both retired teachers.we have 2 in house now. a 9month old and a 3 year old pound rescue.pets have played a major role in our lives.they are ALWAYS loving . they give so much and ask so very little in return. I am 100% certain that they have made our family more loving and caring and taught our kids to be caring and loving adults.My golden saw kitten in a ditch, I was stopped and she jumped out the window and went after kitten, it was so tiny, she picked it up and brought to me, from that moment on they were inseparable. She would push kitten up to food bowl to eat, then what was left she would eat, they slept together, played and loved on each other everyday, was wonderful to watch.

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