How a Tiny Kitten Wakes up a Golden Retriever

i miss growing up in the country as a kid and seeing puppies and kittens being born. it is soooo understated the value of having dogs and cats in a household with kids and how much we learn from them…they’re not “pets”, they’re family members.Bailey is such a lovely and patient dog and this tiny kitten has a big heart and many kisses to give! Thank you for this amazing video!🤣 LOVE how doggie smiled when kitty was tickling his paw!!! Teeth & lip licks reminded me of those little cleaner fish on sharks, whales, etc…. lol 🤷‍♀️Patient and dear Goldie🐾❤👍The kitten likes to nibble on its beloved babysitter 😻 It tickles, but no problem for Bailey. Sweet ending: kitty gets sleepy too 😴This is the most cutist thing I have ever seen. It’s great to see a cat and dog get on with each other. Thanks sharing this video. Put a smile on my faceSweet, adorable Bailey thought she was dreaming that a rough loofah sponge was washing her face only to awaken & realize the “loofah” licks were really just loving licks from her precious little kitty❣❣❣😺Thank you. I needed that. Im a grieving mother who has lost a second child just recency. You coment felt like a hug. I wish the best for you too. Hard to find kindness in this world Keep practicing it..

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