How the Golden Retriever and the German Shepherd Became Best Friends [Compilation]

We adopted two Golden Retrievers last year after their owner went into care. Mack is now 11 and his daughter, Bailey, is 5. They have brought such joy into our lives.Seeing them cuddle together is so heartwarming. Such a beautiful friendship. So much unconditional love there! 🐾❤️🐾I have to say, you must have had endless fun just watching them playing. And the love they have for each other has melted me. So much so, I had to watch it twice. If only humans could learn from dogs. Thanks for sharing the video, it has made my day. ❤Normally I don’t like to watch videos which last more than 2 minutes. But this one made me smile and “aaaaw” all the time. And when it was over… I had to watch it a second time This brings back happy memories of my own 2 dogs. I had a Border Collie who was 3 and we got a BC mix puppy. They played like this all the time. They were both very good dogs.When we lost the older one our BC mix really missed him. Thank you for sharing. They look like they are the best of friends. I’M KEEPING THIS VIDEO OF LOVEThis made my day! Being a life-long dog owner [each one a family member] this helped me at a gloomy time. I recently said goodbye to my Chocolate Lab on her 13th birthday and it still hurts. I gets ‘stabs’ of loneliness at particular parts of the day. [don’t even mention, when it’s bedtime]. Unconditional love and loyalty above and beyond any human in my life has cheered me up, comforted me, and shared everything. Casey was my Golden Retriever #1 finest animal friend [my neighbors who have dogs, still talk of how She was the best dog they’ve ever known]. Gone 12 years and now my 2nd #1 friend, my LAST dog, Bella went to sleep in my arms. I will NOT suffer such heart-wrenching love-then-sorrow ever again.My family is having a golden retriever and a german shepherd. They are still being puppies and I hope to see them growing up together, becoming best friends like yours. Thanks for sharing the vdo 🙂 this filled my heart ❤️

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