Imagine being Cold, Hungry, Helpless Baby living in Snow Without Mom

I hope and pray the people who took the boys are good people, very happy the girls were rescued. So happy 2 of the girls found a home together, I hope Bonya finds her home soon.These ladies would climb fences to rescue puppies. Little Bonya looks just like a black bear cub, she’s so adorable. Hope she’ll be adopted very soon. Thank you, LFF.Boy… these were some very smart puppies. They were probably weary because they saw their brothers get snatched up. Thank you so much for rescuing these precious little girls and thank you all for everything you do…🥰Thank you to the neighbor who informed you of the puppies and thank you for going and rescuing the puppies. Bonya is beautiful like her siblings but she resembles a bear cub. ❤Thank you so much for saving all these fur babies! they are precious and perfect! I hope the baby boys are also in the arms of good people! You are one special human being! thank you for your incredible and crucial work!Thank you rescuers, I wish I could send you some money. I really do. As for the monster(s) who left those poor puppies out in the cold, I wish nothing but the worst for you.Seriously? Is there any way in the world that these little babies could be any more adorable? I don’t think that it is possible. They are completely the sweetest little furball of cuteness and love. The whole time I watch them having their first bath my face was sore from the nonstop smile. Thank You All. Next Paycheck is in 8 days and I will be donating to your group again. I have to feel like I am part of helping these innocent babies. I truly wish I could actually physically be there to help you. God Bless You All and Please Never Give Up…Thanks for help and save these 3 beautiful puppy girls now they are safe and I hope they can find a forever love family and I hope the others male puppies(siblings) are safe and healthy now God bless these beautiful puppies.You are a good person!! And you always show the end results! Thank you….

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