Mom cat hug tightly baby kitten, She loves her sweet pies so much

Plus I love listening to her talking to her babies & purring so loudly while she washes & grooms them. What a sweet video!I truly believe that each & every kitty is elegant & soothing. If I could I’d take every kitty lost, on the street or disabled & put them all on a reserve for cats! I ❤ em all!!Que bichinhos adoráveis 💕 E a mãe vê-se que está empenhada em cuidar dos bebés. Um excelente exemplo para alguns humanos que abandonam ou maltratam os filhos . Um vídeo muito fofo ❤❤❤!! Qué gran madre gata cómo asea a sus gatitos y los amamanta con cariño , nos dan ejemplos de amor . Me encanta verlos , gracias 🙏🙏 por compartir estos hermanos menores……Oh my gosh, isn’t that the sweetest thing ever. It absolutely makes my heart melt. If I had to choose one of them to bring home and love to pieces it would be momma cat Que lindo, que lindo! Que cariñosa, nos enseña a NOSOTROS los humanos , lo.que es el cuidado, ATENCION de una madre. I LOVE IT. ABRAZOS.Los instintos de una madre animal, ese amor connection no tienen diferencia a nosotros humanos, cuidar, Amar a nuestros cachoros es lo Maximo. AMAR, AMAR, PROTEJER LO QUE UN DÍA LES DAMO VIDA! AMENLOL “I want milk!” That one on the left wants to drink milk but can’t get in because mom cat keeps pulling it back LOL

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