Moment a Stray Kitten Realizes That He Going To His Forever Home

Reminds me of my cat named Mouse. A lady knocked on our door saying she found a kitten wandering the side of the road by our house. We said she wasn’t ours but that we’d be happy to take her in. She lived a good 15 year life before kidney failure took her from us. It’s been almost three years but I still think about her every single day. I still wonder what her origin story was and what her journey was like as she made her way to us.Oh, man, this sweet kitty got to me! What a darling baby! I love how he looks at his Daddy with such love. Long life together, you guys! Stay happy and healthy. 😺Until you own a cat from kitten to adult, you will never understand what it’s like to have a cat. They are by far the best pets I’ve ever owned. I’m 52 and have 4 cats now, and I didn’t even like cats up until 2 years ago, amazing how they can change your life and make your bad days good, sweet animals.Found my kitty crying under a truck. Brought her home, she wouldn’t let me touch her, she stayed hidden behind furniture. Finally, after 5 days, I just grabbed her and smothered her with hugs. We’ve been in love ever since. glad I waited: I thought she was a gray tabby, but she was covered in grime/grease. She cleaned herself up to reveal a cream colored siamese mix. Snowy!!Reminds me of when my dad and his wife brought me my buddy home from my step sister. I decided to let him choose when to come to me. That night he was sleeping on my pillow. We had an instant connection from Day 1. 9 years later nothing has changed except he takes up a lot more space now and I have to move to accommodate him but yeah enjoy it. Cats are truly masters at finding “ their people”The best cats I’ve had have started their lives as feral. But the best was a feral long-haired kitten I found in the woods! We were together 15 unforgettable years! When I cross over into the great beyond, I hope he is there waiting!!

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