Mommy and daddy cats😻😻 Celebrate new babies

That’s rare. Most mom cats don’t want the male partners even near the kittens for literally days to weeks.So frickin sweet. Usually the mama cat’s won’t let the dad hang around the kittens and she will be really defensive and stuff but this is surprising and so cute.Awesome seeing the proud cats keeping an eye on their new born. The father is so happy he has nothing but kisses for the mom. He can’t wait to run off to see his pals. 😻 and give them each a sardine and a shot of milk to celebrate their babies.It’s truly a blessing to see a Mommy and Daddy cat bond together to nurture their newborn kittens; this is a rarity among some Toms, but Thank goodness this one stands by his family and he loves his mate and she him! 😘This video has too much heart and cuteness overload from both the kitties and the parents. I have a cat myself and I hope to see him like a family man too someday :)What a wonderful, beautiful sight! Happy and proud parents and a wriggling pile of cuteness!! I love all these kitties, and I hope the babies and Momma and Daddy are all doing well! 😊💚

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