More Cute Animals for When You are Stressed

10:06 When I cry my cat knows something is off, so he sits with me in silence or purrs while I hug him for comfort. We grew up together so he’s like a brother to me. He’s an absolutely amazing cat ❤️I have been really stressed with my anxiety and overthinking this really helped a lot Tysm❤️, I love animals they make me so happy <33 :)This video made me laugh and say aww bcs i have no pets and looking at these adorable animals make me feel warm inside and happy, keep up the great work and thanks for making these videos help ppl when theyre in rough times ༺ ❝ ♡ ❝ ༻Sometimes we forget how good animals are at reading our mood. When my sister died of a heart attack (at the age of 30) half a year ago I came home and was absolutely destroyed. I couldn’t go to work for 2 weeks. I went and laid down on the couch and my labrador refused to let me go anywhere until my mental breakdown was over. She’s such a good dog.The cat that was reminding people how proud she was made me cry! To much cuteness and kindness in one vid!i found a cat on the streets and i adopted her cause she’s dying of hunger and after a while, it feels like i grew with her a lot, shes my best friend and whenever i cry she lets me pet her i feel like shes my sisterWatching this video reminds me of my old cat. It used to wake me up every morning, followed me till 11 at night. If I sit somewhere, it would climb up and sit on my shoulder, like a lil parrot.Even when it had 0 energy, and was about to die, it crawled till my leg and lied there and left the worldShe ‘ll never be forgotten, the best cat I have ever seen and the only can I loved this much

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