Mother Cat Walking With Her Kittens And Hitting Them To Go Inside | White Cat Protecting Her Kittens

She’s not hitting them, she’s just tapping them gently! She’s being very sweet and gentle they’re her babies ❤️💜💛💙Such a protective mama. Counting and recounting her little ones as they move toward the door. I love the kittens’ sweet meows and their poky little tails that will burst out into plumes. I love videos like this which bring back memories, as my kitten’s tail transformed seemingly overnight and is fluffy like this mother cat’s tail now.I don’t think there is anything cuter on this planet than kittens with their Christmas tree tails . . . Sooo…. completely adorable❣️🐾🐞😻Omg, tiny little balls of puff! 🥰 I wanted to reach through the screen, pick them up and hold them! ❤ They’re all so adorable and mama is so beautiful and such a good mother! She watched her babies so close and waited for their little steps to catch up to hers. Such a beautiful video 🥰❤️

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