My Labrador Dog Protecting My Wife | Fake Beating Prank on My Wife

Buddy is such a cutie ❤️. Buddy doesn’t like violence at home. He likes spreading love and peace. Lots of love to buddy and his family ❤️❤️❤️❤ Buddy is cofused lol he has to protect mama at the same time doesn’t want to hurt papa… generous in his actions u so much Buddy ❤Buddy is so adorable best part he doesn’t lick at all very well disciplined and a good habit, buddy eyes shows the love he has for his parents.Once me and my brother was arguing while my 5 month lab was in my lap. When my brother raised his voice at me, my lab straight up stood on the sofa and growled at him and all my family members were shocked this act on large scale like”a robber enters your home and he tries to steal everything”& look at buddy’s reaction 😅😂I still remember when my late father scolded my brothers and I, my dogs will join in and start barking and growling at us (watchdog) Once my dad left the house to work or go somewhere, they would immediately switch into playful mode.My Labrador does not interfere with whatever we do with each other. But she gets protective only when a stranger or a third person other than me and my wife are involved. I didn’t even train her for this, she naturally protects us from what she thinks is a threat.I’m so happy with my dog.

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