No One Wanted a Special Kitten Until He Met This Woman

Nothing wrong with Zeke’s loving heart. All he needed was a family to love him as he is and let him share his kitten love with them! Love is the most powerful of could anyone NOT want a special needs kitty or other animal?..i love all creatures, but my heart bleeds for the disadvantaged creatures who need help..thank you for loving and caring for zeke.He’s absolutely precious! I mean truly irresistible. Maybe people were afraid that they couldn’t sufficiently meet his needs. I’m so glad someone adopted him. He’s a gift from heaven.This baby is so lovable! Bless the woman and her other kitty who gave this boy the opportunity to thrive and to have a wonderful loving life! Such a cutie!You got such a sweet, caring, loving furball, who quite clearly enjoys living with you. How can someone abandon a kitten! Such an awful thing to do. An animal has a soul and feelings, too. Thank you very much for looking after this poor kitten.This is the most heartwarming, arguably and heartbreaking kitty rescue. A beautiful human and a kitten badly in need of love and care come together to form a fulfilling bond.Such a great story with a happy ending. This sweet kitten seemed to grow into a healthy young cat. Just beautiful. This kind woman didn’t need a perfect kitten, just a kitten that needed herMany blessings to you Lisa. You are an angel. I have tears in my eyes. I myself am looking after a sweet cat who came to my door asking for food. I know how grateful they can be when they find loving home. Many people should learn from them. Merry Christmas

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