Our Morning Routine With 3 Giant Dogs A Cat And A Baby!! (SO CUTE!!)

I love how she’s recording every lovely moment of her daughter’s life she can show her these videos when she grows up 🥺♥️I swear Mia is going to take over the world with her cuteness…she has three adorable dogs, two caring parents, and one handsome cat all backing her up!!Honestly, Phil is so nurturing almost like a mom!!! He is a friend to everyone all the time except bath time when he is too down in the dumps. Mia’s sweet noises are so adorable!!! All is well with her this morning!!!A beautiful family morning routine with the happiest little girl on the planet! She inspires joy in us all during these darker days. 💖so lovely to see the entire family relaxed and together, enjoying each other, no rush to get ready for the daily grind, knowing they have the luxury of all the time in the world, especially emma, who probably has the most early morning stress to get everyone cared for and ready on a workday. and phil, grinning away to glory, so happy to have his tribe around him all day, covid certainly has its blessings, has reminded us of what is truly important. phil nibbling on shane’s arm, teddy glancing slyly at milo before hemakes his way onto shane’s chest, teddy sticking his ass in phils face and licking him all over, even licking and bonding with niko, mama niko also letting teddy sniff her but still reminding him of his place if he howls too loud. even teddy milo skirmishes are half hearted these days, they even manage to hang out on the bed together, angel mia relaxed and using phils neck and shane’s arm as her legrest, not a care in the world as she knows she has her mom and dad to herself all day (and her pack too), and they are not stressed and tired after work either. emma’s face looking so beautiful and rested, probably from not having to juggle work amd home, at least for a bit, even milo looking more amenable to being around mia is getting tall, hope she does her stretching exercises once she grows older, though she has already inherited tall genes from both parents. also, just curious how shane sleeps bare chested when it is snowing outside, would love to know what he eats, cant be just the protein powders, i used to wear triple layers of clothing and more but still couldnt bear a london winter, my muscles were exhausted from the shivering when i went outside. hope you guys enjoy the extra time together, especially hope emma gets lots of rest, and have many adventures and create more beautiful memories and videos for us to enjoy.The whole gang is here to say good morning to Amelia. The cutest ever!!

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