Senior chihuahua was sad and obese. So this woman adopted him.

You’re a wonderful, sweet, kind human being. The vast majority of people wouldn’t even think about adopting an old and overweight chihuahua. But you did. He was probably depressed from losing his mom after so many years. You came along and gave him a second chance of living a beautiful life. You not only gave him a home, you also improved his physical and mental health health. You made his last three years of his life, heaven on earth. You are the best.You probably gave Shorty the best 3 years of his life! What a precious, sweet little guy! God bless you and your mom for caring about these beautiful, loving furry gifts of life!Not ashamed to say I was tearing up at the end. Proud Chihuahua owner here; there’s just something about them that melts the hearts of even big gruff men like myself. God bless you for adopting Shorty.I’ve watched this a few times, and I still cry at the end. It’s a good cry, sad that he’s not here but good because you gave him the love he needed and deserved. He didn’t understand his previous owner died, he just knows she isn’t there anymore. How sweet it was to watch him thrive in your care.She gave this dog a second chance and let him live a happy, healthier life when he probably felt he’d never have another person care for him. A big thank you to her for giving him that love!”I wish I could’ve had him more than three years” Wow, I felt that. RIP shorty. You brought someone three great years that im sure they’ll always remember.The three years this sweet lady gave Shorty were filled with so much love that when he crossed the Rainbow Bridge, he did so on wings of love and his dear doggie heart filled with all the wonderful memories they made together. PLEASE — Please don’t overlook an old dog or one with health issues.Fur can turn grey, vision dim, bones creak and muscles move slower — but the heart remains ageless and just as capable of loving and being loved.

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