Shelter Cat Gave Birth To a Strange Kitten, And When It Grew Up, They Had To Call a Specialist

Every cat I’ve ever owned was ‘desirable to pick up and cuddle’. The current one is an adorable nut job. And they all came from shelters. Please adopt!Our two sweet brothers were adopted from our local shelter. Nine weeks old at the time, abandoned with their mom at the door of the shelter. The mom was still being worked on health wise but the two kittens were adoptable. They were my two crazy goobers for 13 and 14 years respectively!! Oh and- mama was adopted by a neighbor down the street!!Please adopt, don’t breed or buy till there are cats and dogs being euthanized “for space” in our shelters!😢😢😢💔♥️♥️♥️She is very special; her story reminds me of the beginnings of the ‘Ragdoll’ breed; a pregnant Queen was involved in a car accident, and all of her kittens became the first of the Ragdoll; the cats that go limp when picked up, just like an actual rag doll would.The Selkirk Rex IS a beautiful cat. But it’s a bit sad that a life can become an accessory, or a status symbol.Hard to OK breeding more kittens, and puppies, when so many animals die in shelters every day.Every cat I meet I want to cuddle, if they’re up to it. ALL cats are just adorable.I have only ever had rescued cats, over the decades I’ve lived on my own. However, that doesn’t stop me from going to an occasional cat show, just to window shop. Several years ago I met a Devon Rex kitten, who wanted my attention in a very vocal manner. I fell in love with that particular breed on that day, but living on a retirement income, there’s no chance that I’ll ever spend the money on one. I’ll continue to spend that part of my budget on rescues.

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